Trixie has come into rescue as her owner was unable to manage her nervous behaviour. She has lived with teenagers and been fine with a 2 year old. She has also lived with a smaller female dog. She may be OK with cats.

She comes across as being a little shy but once she has been introduced to new people she quickly makes friends. She is very active and can jump our 7ft fences so a new owner will need to be careful, although she jumped out because she didn't want to be left. Hopefully once she is settled in a new home she wont feel the need to jump fences!

She loves playing with balls and water. She is a little nervous of cars and bikes so we will be working on this whilst she is with us.

Donation and homecheck applies. Please contact Sue Gibbons on 01444 453302 between 11am and 7pm.
coat short colour cream sable
gender F age 17 months
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